Since the establishment of Tabuchi Kaiun Co.,Ltd in 1917, we have accumulated experience and achievements.


Marine transportation plays an important role in supporting global economic activities. Tabuchi Kaiun Co.,Ltd. transports important resources and goods from Japan to the world and from the world to Japan.

Domestic shipping that connects Japanese ports and transports goods. The Domestic Shipping Department of Tabuchi Kaiun Co., Ltd. has the Tanker Division and the Special Vessel Division.
We operate mainly in Southeast Asia on the basis of the experience and expertise that our Domestic Shipping Department has gained.
Our ship agent operations range from holding meetings with shippers on main line loading times, etc., shipment, establishing unloading agreements, and reporting to government offices.

People, history, achievements, and technology.

We will transform all the experience that we have gained so far into strengths,

to face new challenges.


107 years of experience and achievements

Since its establishment in 1917, Tabuchi Kaiun Co., Ltd. has engaged in various activities while placing the highest priority on safety, and it continues to strive for the highest quality transport service every day.

Global development

Today, as globalization advances with the economic development of developing countries, we aim to build an even greater presence and deeper trust in the international shipping market.

Enhanced domestic network

We will mobilize the capacity of our Group to improve and expand our transportation services and will continue to strive to provide new value through ingenuity and extensive efforts.

Meticulous ability to respond

We will continue to work day and night to accurately capture and respond more broadly, quickly, and flexibly to customer needs and to provide safe and efficient services.

Tabuchi Kaiun’s Story

Since its establishment, we have led maritime trade in Japan and the world.

It is fair to say that the history of the company is the history of maritime trade in Japan.

Find out the Tabuchi Kaiun’s Story here.

1. Early period

In 1917, Tabuchi Shoten was founded in Tomishima-cho, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, and began transporting from Niihama to Osaka and other routes.

2. Expansion period

In 1935, the first shopowner Iwataro Taobuchi assumed the position of chairman of the board and Tateki Tabuchi became the president. The head office was relocated to the current location, 2 Chome Ajigawa, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi.

3. Development period

In 1966, Yuichiro Tabuchi was appointed the president. In 1968, the Chiba Branch House was established in association with the operation of the Chiba Petrochemical Complex.

4. Enhancement period

In 2000, Norio Tabuchi assumed the position of president. The Warehouse Department was divisionalized in 2006, and Tabuchi Souko Co., Ltd. was established.

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