1. (1) Promote business activities with ethics and build social trust.
  2. (2) Provide value-added services to meet customer needs and develop them with customers.
  3. (3) Strive to increase corporate value by securing appropriate profits and stable long-term management.
  4. (4) Respond to the trust of subcontracting companies and aim for coexistence and co-prosperity to enhance overall corporate power.
  5. (5) Strive to preserve the global environment by ensuring the safe operation of ships.


We shall act with integrity and in compliance with values and ethics required of members of a corporation and society, as well as laws and regulations, through which we will conduct fair and appropriate management and harmonize with civil society to develop the Company creatively.

Code of conduct

We have established a code of conduct for our officers and employees to comply with. We will strive to enhance our management philosophy of “social trust” and “increase corporate value” through the implementation of the code of conduct by our officers and employees.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations
We shall comply with laws and regulations and act in accordance with social models and our corporate philosophy.
2. Fulfillment of social responsibility
We shall recognize the understanding and support of local communities as the foundation of our business activities and strive to contribute further to social development as corporate citizens.
3. Respect for human rights and the prohibition of discrimination and harassment
We shall respect human rights and not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, age, or gender, nor shall we tolerate any kind of harassment.
4. Compliance with confidentiality and respect for third parties’ intellectual property
We shall not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of third parties by any means, whether it be copying computer software without authorization, leaking the Company’s confidential information, or transmitting confidential information held by third parties to others without permission.
5. Relationship with clients and business partners
We shall strive to build positive relationships of trust and relationships as a good partner by focusing on integrity, fairness, and transparency.
6. Prohibition of conflict of interest acts
We shall not act against the company’s interests or use company assets or expenses in contravention of the company’s interests.
7. Prohibition of illegal transactions
We shall comply with laws and regulations including antitrust laws to maintain and promote fair and free competition.
8. Thorough implementation of safety and environmental protection measures
We shall strictly adhere to the safe navigation of vessels and comply with environmental protection laws and regulations and actively engage in the protection of oceans and the global environment.